• Give a presentation of our play, DVD’s and testimonies to schools, churches, camps, groups and town outreaches.
  • Give training seminars to educators to educate them about the “truth about drugs” so they can in return educate our children. (Program running from “drugfreeworld”)
  • Start WAD addiction support groups or fall in with existing support groups in every town we visit, running with the “celebrate recovery program”.
  • Start a “After-care Centre” where people can be trained in different professions to have a better start in the community after leaving a rehabilitation centre.
  • Support groups every Tuesday morning at 8am at 105 Steyn Street, Fochville
  • Online support group:

School and other outreaches

We have an awesome program running for Primary and High School children, each on their own level.


On primary level we have Chantel with her amazing voice dressing up as “Lappop”. She sings to them and interacts with the kids until all of the sudden a bad clown arrives on the scene with temptations like cigarettes and alcohol.  The Lappop on a kind way show the clown the right way and tell the clown and the children how bad this is for your health. 


We then show them a short anti-drug dvd in cartoon format and a testimony of an ex-drug addict.


On the High school level we give a whole different show.  Chantel sings songs like “make some noise” from Krystal Meyers and others.  We show dvds of drugs, related to the different drugs’ lifestyle and present a play: “the python spirit”.  It depicts how the devil, in a form of a play snake, comes with his lies and deceptions about drugs and literally sucks the life out of you.  Here we act out well-known artists like Amy Whinehouse, Tupac and others.


After our play we have testimonies of both Org and Sonja, parents of an ex-heroin addict, sharing their hurts and losses out of parents’ view. Afterwards Maria gives her testimony of a 10 year drug abuse and very painful childhood and her road to recovery from hurts, addiction and lung cancer by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.


In our town outreaches, we try to get the local churches involved in participating in a march against drugs.  At the end of these marches we’ll have a big show at the local stadium with bands, our school presentations and other testimonies of addicts who have been cleaned for at least 6 months, preferably from the town where we hold the outreach.


Training Seminars


Training seminars is an intense 6 hour training session partly running on the “Truth About Drugs” program from  Our first training seminar was held on 24 October 2013 with the attendance of 47 teachers and government workers from the Fochville and Carletonville area.   This training gives teachings on the different drugs, consisting of material given out, DVD’s showing and personal experiences shared from the lecturers. The attendees receives material to incorporate what they have learned in their school and workplace.



Please feel free to contact us.  There is cost involved to cover our expenses.  

Arrangements to cover the costs if you can't afford it can be made through sponsors.  






School programs on both Primary and High School level approved by the Department of Education Gauteng Province

(COST: R3.00 p/km return from Fochville + any blessing the school see fit)


Outreaches for  schools, churches, camps,  groups and towns

(COST:  R3.00 p/km return from Fochville + any additional costs to hire bands, speakers, sound, etc)


Intensive drug training seminars 

(COST: R3.00 p/km return from Fochville + R250 per person (minimum of 5 and maximum of 40 people)for literature expenses, preferably a minimum of 5 people per  seminar.  

The organisation or group who wants the training is also responsible for the venue and any additional costs regarding to the training.   War Against Drugs is only liable to provide training & training material.  Literature you will receive for the training is the Drug Training Booklet (254pg), Full Colour Drug Awareness booklet (A6), Drug Truths for schoolkids (A6), Drugs and Satanism nearly destroyed my life testimony book (A6), Seasonal Magazine (if stock is available) and 3 DVD documentaries)


“LAPPOP” bookings 

(COST: R20.00 per child plus R3.00 p/km return from Randfonteint if more than 50km radius)



DRUG Literature Material 

(prices excludes posting)


Drug Training Booklet (Part 1 & 2) (254 pg)                                                            R150.00

Full Colour Drug Awareness booklets (A6)                                                             R  20.00

“Drugs & Satanism nearly destroyed my life”    testimony booklets (A6)          R  20.00

Drug Truths for Schoolkids (A6)                                                                               R  10.00

Seasonal Magazine (if available)                                                                              R  20.00



Bank Account details for donations and/or service costs


War Against Drugs Ministry


Acc nr:  4082481810

Branch code:  632005